The main purpose of this committee is making ANPROS an association that is coherent to the same ideal that is the production of seed.  Its great strength lies in the agreements reached and the good communication among its company associates. The regulation of cultivated productions to ensure the seed variety purity and to provide transparency to the production sector stands out as the main achievement of this committee.

A geographic information system was developed (SIG) for this purpose, to achieve contamination-free production.  The system consists of registration of cultivation points in an isolation software, which identifies the points where non desirable contamination may happen.  For the best function of this system and for the use of common criteria, an isolations manual was developed, to define minimal distances for isolation and date limits to register each species.  There is also a real-time map to show all the production points for the various species.

Among the activities carried out by the vegetables committee are those designed to improve the vegetable isolations manual each year, to improve performance of the geographical information system, and the committee’s activities to carry out all its commissions necessary to respond to its participants’ questions.