ANPROS’ Vegetable Intellectual Property committee was created in 1994 with the aim of promoting knowledge, dissemination, protection, and respect for the intellectual copyrights when Law 19.342 on protection of intellectual copyright on new vegetable varieties was enforced. It has the mission to contribute to the technical and legal aspects that improve the development of activities connected to the creation, representation, and commercial development of protected vegetable varieties in Chile.

Its main objectives are assisting members in legal issues concerning the protection, supervision, and control of protected varieties; contributing to permanent education in the industry concerning vegetable protection issues and collaborating in the application and improvement of the variety protection system.

From its beginnings, the Vegetable Intellectual Property committee has developed a continuous work promoting protection of plant varieties, in the understanding that this entails the incorporation of technology into the agricultural sector, and that this is a fundamental aspect in the development of a competitive, modern agricultural and agribusiness industry.