WORKSHOP INTERNACIONAL: Certificación Electrónica Fitosanitaria ePhyto en la Industria Semillas

24-11-2022 04:58 PM



Electronic Phytosanitary Certification, ePhyto, in the Chilean Seed Industry

The Sanitary Services of Chile and Mexico, SAG and SENASICA respectively, have been awarded and executed two projects from the Chile-Mexico FUND, for the development and implementation of electronic phytosanitary (ePhyto) and animal health certification. Both countries currently have this new tool in operation since 2018, allowing the elimination of paper (paperless) in phytosanitary certification and placing SAG and SENASICA in a privileged position worldwide for the future of electronic health certification.

Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures aim to prevent the transmission of animal or plant pests or diseases through international trade in agricultural products. By carrying out sanitary and phytosanitary measures properly, countries can prevent animals and plants from being exposed to pathogens and pests, guaranteeing the production and quality of food, thus protecting the health or life of human beings, animals and plants. Veterinary or phytosanitary certificates are important and necessary official documents that guarantee sanitary and phytosanitary measures for international trade in agricultural and livestock products. In addition, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital technologies have become a global trend for the issuance and inspection of veterinary or phytosanitary certificates.

In this context, on November 18th, ANPROS and the Agricultural and Livestock Service of Chile, (SAG) held a workshop in Chile, virtual and onsite, showing the current situation and overview of ePhyto oriented to the seed. The objective of the activity was to provide a forum for the national and international seed exporting and importing sector, together with the health authorities of the participating countries, to share experiences and discuss the challenges in the application of electronic phytosanitary certificates (ePhyto), to find solutions and improvements for the facilitation of global seed trade.

The workshop provided valuable information through the shared experiences of the exhibitors on the practical application and development of electronic certificates.

We had speakers from all over the world who presented very interesting topics:

Electronic Phytosanitary Certification (ePhyto) global context, in the voice of the international Seed Federation (Rose Souza) and FAO (Craig Fedchock). Current situation and overview oriented to the seed sector, presented by the national NPPOs from The Netherlands (Alexander Moret), México (Delfino Hernández), USA (Christian Dellis) and Chile (Rodrigo Robles - Ruth Arévalo). The Chilean Seed Industry perspective on ePhyto electronic certification was presented by Natalia Oyarzún, the Chilean Seed Trade Association (ANPROS).

Welcome words came from Andrea Collao, National Director of agricultural and Livestock Service of Chile (SAG) Carmen Gonsalves, The Netherlands Ambassador in Chile, María de Lourdes Fonalleras, from SAIA – IICA and Mario Schindler, Executive Director from ANPROS, the Chilean Seed Trade Association.